Adobe Software

Multimedia was introduced by a facilitator named Cindy. I got to learn how to use the Adobe software such as Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom which I could use it for my learning. I first didn’t like it because I was new and I couldn’t  catch up with the lesson but then I found that it was fun to edit things after asking a friend to explained all tools in those software to me again. I have made a poster to show that I learn something. The last week of class, I was introduced to coding which I learned the basic code and how it works.   

This is the software that we learn in class


For the first round of year 3, SAY NO TO SINGLE USED PLASTIC is my exploration. Our goal in this exploration is to eliminate the single used plastics that are being used at Liger because nowadays plastic is really popular and really important to human but it affects a lot of things in the world such as harming marine life, destroying food chain, causing different pollution and last it affects us, human. So we as the Liger student, we would love to create change for our community and then spread it to the world because “ A long journey starts from single steps”.

For the first two weeks, we were focusing on general information about plastic such as finding cons and pros about plastic and putting ourselves into other people perspective. On the third week, we had narrow our topic to only focus on the single-used plastic because a lot of reusable things are made out of plastic such our computers, car and a lot more. We also went to collect trash in our school to use as our referent in the future. Week 4 and week 5, we tried to convince people not to use straws by pitching our ideas and making people feel guilty when they use it. We also visit a shop called BetterU that they use grass straws. Week 6, we had created a Facebook page named “ No Plastic Cambodia” to spread our action to the community. By the last week of our exploration, we had found a lot of alternative sources such as stainless steel straws, bamboo straws, grass straws, cornstarch straws, cornstarch box, stainless steel lunch box, nylon bag and more. We also launch our campaign of stop using single-used to all the student and staff at Liger and it was really successful which we gave out reusable bags and straws to everyone and explain them to use Liger core values for their responsibility to make the change. I hope that people will stop using single-used plastic and start to change their habit from now on.

Trip to BetterU to interview about grass straws
Trip to AEON first to get reusable bags and some alternative products


Learning and speaking English, but don’t even know where does it come from is meaningless. The theme of round 1 literacy class was to get the ideas where is English came from and learned some Greek and Latin root words. Each week, we had different theme for our root words such as just add water ( hydr, aqua/aqu, mar/mer ), all eyes and ears ( vis/vid, aud, phon), I just gotta know ( mem, ology, sci ), express yourself ( dict, scrib/script, graph/gram ), Life Light and Love ( bio, photo, phil ) which all of them are related to the history of English or any famous people. We did a lot of different activities in class like making videos, researching about famous people, read interesting articles and mostly writing. As a result, I developed my vocabularies days by days when I was introduced to those root words because I can predict what is the meaning of some new vocabularies by just seeing those root words. It is also helpful for my writing as well. On the last we learned about the story structure and it was a review week. 

Fun things with my brother ( memory )

Five years back then

rainy season came

people were everywhere

working in the rice field

ploughing, planting, transplanting, drying and harvesting

Like they were working in a company.  


Children were on their school break

and they could help with anything

just like I did with my family

helping them do some house work.


Everyday at one o’clock

my brother and I brought the cow

out of the house to the field

with dirty clothes and things we need

like clean water and staff

that keep us from hungriness.


There we go in the field

with our friends in the country

we let our cows find some grass

therefore we could we play some games.


Hide and seek was our favorite

find some insects was second

doing puzzles and some more games

like climbing tree and jumped in the pond.


Together, we were so joyful  

we went crazy as wild as a monkey did

some days the rain had wet us all

So we collaborate to build a hut.


5:30 we came back home

because our cow was full enough

we also afraid of darkness

came home to rest with our family.


That was a very great memory

hilarious moment I’ve ever had in my life

Doing fun things could also help my family

It is the one thing I’m looking for.

Khmer poem

Khmer literacy is one of the most important subjects that we Cambodian need to take. This round, we learn how to get good interviews, good networking, and we also learn about the Khmer writing skills such as writing Khmer poem, descriptive paragraph after we interview and writing stories. Down below is my work. 


.​​ របៀបសំពះនៃខ្មែរ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​               មិនច្រើនហូរហែរ           គឺមានតែប្រាំរបៀប។

គ្រប់គ្នាត្រូវតែប្រុងប្រៀប        រៀនឲ្យគ្រប់ស្នៀត         កុំឲ្យគេវាយតម្លៃ។

ពេលយើងប្រណមលើកដៃ      គួរយល់អត្ថន័យ            ការសំពះឲ្យបានច្បាស់លាស់។

ទី១សំពះមនុស្ស                          ដែលមានអាយុ              ប្រហាក់ប្រហែលនឹងគ្នា។

.យើងគួរលើកដៃពណនា     ជាការគោរពគ្នា            សូមយើងដាក់ត្រឹមឧរា។

ចំណែកទី២វិញណា                     ចៅហ្វាយមេការ             សម្រាប់អ្នកជារៀមច្បង។

យើងដាក់ត្រឹមមាត់វិញម្ដង    កុំឲ្យមានឆ្គង                  ប្រណិប័តន៍ឲ្យខុសទៅណា។

ទី៣មាតាបិតា                           ជីដូនជីតា                       សូមយើងដាក់ត្រឹមច្រមុះ។

១០.អាចារ្យដូចគ្នាដែរនោះ       បើធ្វើដូច្នោះ                  អ្នកផងគេនឹងចូលចិត្ត។

ព្រះសង្ឃវត្ថុស័ក្ដសិទ្ធិ                   ព្រមទាំងមហាក្សត្រ    យើងដាក់កម្ពស់ចិញ្ចើម។

រីឯខាងលើចិញ្ចើម                     ទេវតាដ៏ឆ្នើម                ព្រះឥន្ទ្រព្រមទាំងបួងសួង។