Word Problems

Math is very complex. As English is my second language, solving word problems is one of my struggle in math. Those word problems include tricky words that sometimes left me a headache all day. I have set my goal to work more on the word problems for math class. I did go over the exercises in the workbook and I usually practice on Khan Academy. By doing that for so long, I felt like I am better with those word problems now since I’ve identified the key words and the important part is I did a lot of practice.

5A Primary Mathematics

When it come to math, I always think that we have to go to school in order to know, but actually it is a practical subject that we use everyday in life. However, we go to school to learn the complex math. As a junior I study the Primary Mathematics ( Singaporean math book). we am now learning the 5A because we finished the 4A and 4B last year. Within the first seven weeks, we learned about whole number, order of operation, fraction and introduction algebra. We actually learn some of them last year, but indeed we need to level up our knowledge on it. In class we work in team, doing math problems and a lot of more. I found out that it was really helpful to work in team because if I have any struggle, my teammate could help explain or finding solution together.In the case where we finished our work early, we could practice the lesson on the Khan Academy( website for many subject), do some puzzles, Sudoku or finish up our homework. We also make a poster having the phrase ” Make the most of your learning poster ” which can remind us to give the best of our work, stay on course and not to waste our time. I really enjoyed learning math because it has been my favorite subject since I was young and whenever I have struggle on something I can expand my knowledge by doing farther research with my friends and teacher.