For the first round of year 3, SAY NO TO SINGLE USED PLASTIC is my exploration. Our goal in this exploration is to eliminate the single used plastics that are being used at Liger because nowadays plastic is really popular and really important to human but it affects a lot of things in the world such as harming marine life, destroying food chain, causing different pollution and last it affects us, human. So we as the Liger student, we would love to create change for our community and then spread it to the world because “ A long journey starts from single steps”.

For the first two weeks, we were focusing on general information about plastic such as finding cons and pros about plastic and putting ourselves into other people perspective. On the third week, we had narrow our topic to only focus on the single-used plastic because a lot of reusable things are made out of plastic such our computers, car and a lot more. We also went to collect trash in our school to use as our referent in the future. Week 4 and week 5, we tried to convince people not to use straws by pitching our ideas and making people feel guilty when they use it. We also visit a shop called BetterU that they use grass straws. Week 6, we had created a Facebook page named “ No Plastic Cambodia” to spread our action to the community. By the last week of our exploration, we had found a lot of alternative sources such as stainless steel straws, bamboo straws, grass straws, cornstarch straws, cornstarch box, stainless steel lunch box, nylon bag and more. We also launch our campaign of stop using single-used to all the student and staff at Liger and it was really successful which we gave out reusable bags and straws to everyone and explain them to use Liger core values for their responsibility to make the change. I hope that people will stop using single-used plastic and start to change their habit from now on.

Trip to BetterU to interview about grass straws
Trip to AEON first to get reusable bags and some alternative products


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